A 3.5 edition D&D campaign based on the Eberron world with a dash of Call of Cthulhu. I’m trying to combine the intrigue of classic hardboiled detective stories with the fun of old school dungeon crawls and the existential horror of HP Lovecraft. Literary Influences for this campaign include: Raymond Chandler, HP Lovecraft, L Sprague Decamp, Mickey Spillane, Alan Moore and Robert E Howard (and dinosaurs, zombies and pirates).

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Memorable Quotes

In Character:

“So…is this what they call prostitution?” Karth upon viewing Solishtari and Zumok bribing the guard

“Ban the Quori”-Zumok

“I’m a Paladin..I don’t kill people!....well,ok, I kill people.” -Solishtari

“I don’t accept propositions from olive-skinned men in bathhouses”-probably the most articulate thing Rava has ever said

“I’m a soldier.” -Sgt. Stryker “Oh really? I thought the army had height requirements”- uppity NPC

“You must have been torture-sick instead of sea-sick.” -Stryker

“Gollums are crafty creatures.” Zumok

Out of Character:

“Say what you will, but Pokemon is actually a respectable RPG -P.


Eye of the Beholder

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